Los Angeles/Long Beach (LA/LB) Seaport ISF Enforcement

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On July 9, 2013, nearly 15 months ago, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) implemented an Importer Security Filing (ISF) Enforcement Strategy to improve ISF compliance.  The ISF policy requires that all ISF information on the shipment bound for the U.S. is submitted to CBP 24 hours prior to lading on the vessel at the

Congress took few actions on trade during its brief session between an August recess and a break for the November elections, and the outlook for a potential lame-duck session is not overly promising either. A bill to strengthen trade secrets protection did advance in the House, and several nominees for trade-related positions in the Obama

C-TPAT for Exporters

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Customs has posted to its web site material indicating that it is extended the eligibility for C-TPAT to exporters.   Definition For C-TPAT purposes, an exporter is defined as: A person or company who, as the principal party in interest in the export transaction, has the power and responsibility for determining and controlling the sending

  On September 16, the CAFC issued its en banc decision in the U.S. v. Trek Leather case. The Court held the President of the company liable for gross negligence due to his own actions, even if he is an agent of the company.   By way of background, the case originated as a penalty action

Choosing the Ultimate Consignee Type for Export Transactions

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You probably know that identifying the ultimate consignee in the Automated Export System (AES) is mandatory as of October 2, 2014. However, did you realize that you need to select an ultimate consignee type? There are four types: direct consumer, government entity, reseller and other/unknown. Let’s dive into the details of each type: woman questioning: