Client Testimonials


Great job! Thank you so much for your Herculean efforts!

I truly appreciate the difficulties you have overcome on XXXXX 's behalf. Unfortunately, we will be calling on those superpowers again for Harry Potter.

Thank you again for making the impossible overseas delivery happen.

It is incredible you got the decision reversed. Equally impressive is how you approached the problem.

Every day I deal with incompetent people. It is so refreshing to work with a true professional whose work performance far exceeds even my high expectations.

Thanks again.

I can't think of adding anything to your report. It is more than enough information for an importer. Clearly, you have invested a great amount of time and money into creating this software. I'm already feeling that I got the additional monies worth.

I spoke with our other broker and dropped the bomb. She was upset. The truth is she can't compete with what your offer. My prediction, unless your competitors do something similar to your on line service, you will continue to grow and will be the dominant broker. Where you go from there who knows... Hopefully not into belts!!
Dear Salvatore and Lori,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet with you today. I found your demo and expertise to be exactly what we need at this point in time. I was very impressed, as I'm sure Irwin xxxxx was. I am gathering some info (invoices from xxxxxxx, etc), that I plan to forward to you, tomorrow. I am very interested in your services and would like to be more knowledgeable in this area. Any info you can forward to me will be greatly appreciated. Any info you require of me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again.
It was such a pleasure having you guys in the office this morning. Everyone was impressed and learned quite a lot. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule for us.

Thank you again for the terrific job!

You certainly proved to the customer that you made every effort to ensure the arrival of the goods. We are truly grateful and appreciate the care and concern exhibited.
Robert L.

Thanks for the excellent job you did in getting the samples to us. Since samples are the life blood of our business, without them, you get no new business; I really appreciate your going above and beyond the call of duty.

I know I can be a pain in the ___ but nothing personal.

Thanks again for your assistance, we will be sending them out this afternoon overnight to Vegas and will make the show.
Zach - Import Manager

I wish everything in my life and business would go as smoothly as that Chinese magnet shipment you handled for me. Your service was flawless, from start to finish. All the people I dealt with at Alba Wheels-Up were effective, courteous and personable. As XXXXX products grows you will be the broker of choice. In the wide range of business services I use, your services are an outstanding value. Don't change a thing.

Danielle has done an outstanding job of handling our account. We appreciate all she does and has repeatedly gone above and beyond the scope of the situation at hand. On top of that, she is a pleasure to work with and brings a smile to our face.

Good job Danielle!!
Bob E
Greetings, I can't tell you how pleased I am with my first clearance with you. I'm impressed with the notices I get by email. This system really works. Thanks.

It is my pleasure to advise that since you have been handling our account everything has gone smooth, the communication has been excellent and it has been a delight to deal with someone of your professional stature. My only problem has been that we have not had more shipments for you to handle, but hopefully that will change in the future. Your constant lookout for our best interests is indicative of the way your Company operates.

Thanks again.
I can say with all honesty that it is an absolute pleasure working with you. There is no one that I have worked with in over the 20 years that I have been involved in importing that is as upbeat, readily available and accommodating as you have consistently been. You have a way of making me feel that I am your number one priority.

On those occasions when I receive solicitation calls from other brokers, I don’t even waste their time listening to their sales pitch. I cut them off immediately telling them that I am very happy with our current broker and have no, zero, zilch desire to change.

I look forward to working with you for many years to come.
Dear Charles,

Thank you everyone for a fantastic job! Very greatly appreciated!!

Good job!! You came through once again with flying colors. Thanks.
Hi Charlie,

First of all, thank you very much for faxing over the list of entries that Customs has requested. I really appreciate your giving us a heads up and asking us if it was okay to release those documents. (After problems with XXXXXX (another broker), the way you’ve treated all of this has been very refreshing.)
Jack M
Dear Thanaya,

Thank you for your conscientious service. All 85 cartons have arrived on time. We have never contracted with a Broker with as fine a record as yours. We appreciate the extra effort it takes to deliver our Hot Order intact and on time. Doing business with your organization is a pleasure.
Thanks for quick service; we are definitely not used to it!
Hi Sal.

After a lot of analysis I have decided I would like Alba Wheels Up to handle our brokerage. Your dedication to service is outstanding. Your reporting and tracking also received high marks.
Hi Charlie,
Thanks to you we discovered we have a problem with our system. There are some discrepancies with our reports, and have contacted our tech. to rectify the problem

Dear Sal,
Once again, you came through. It was because of your untiring, behind-the-scenes work that we were able to sweep New York brokerage and now Shanghai to LAX brokerage. You are essential to XXXX and in the near future will be our only broker.

Thank you once again for all your hard work. Without you and your staff, we could not have done it.
Ciao Sal,

Has been a pleasure meeting you and your staff. We were impressed of your Company as of the professionalism you handle brokerage. Our decision to choose AWU has been more than the best.

As soon as traffic starts, will keep Monique and Bob fully aware and will take another trip to NYC together with Mr.XXXXXX to secure procedures are followed accordingly.