Have you joined C-TPAT yet?

C-TPAT Alba Wheels Up® International is pleased to announce a partnership that will make your C-TPAT membership application effortless and effective.

What is C-TPAT?

  • C-TPAT is a joint government-business initiative to build cooperative relationships that strengthen overall supply chain and border security.
  • C-TPAT recognizes that Customs can provide the highest level of security only through close cooperation with the ultimate owners of the supply chain– importers, carriers, brokers, warehouse operators and manufacturers.
  • Through this initiative, Customs is asking businesses to ensure the integrity of their security practices and communicate their security guidelines to their business partners within the supply chain.

Businesses must apply to participate in C-TPAT. Participants will sign an agreement that commits them to the following actions where they will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive self-assessment of supply chain security using the C-TPAT security guidelines jointly developed by Customs and the trade community. These guidelines, which are available for review on the Customs Web Site, encompass the following areas: Procedural Security, Physical Security, Personnel Security, Education and Training, Access Controls, Manifest Procedures, and Conveyance Security.
  • Submit a supply chain security questionnaire to Customs.
  • Develop and implement a program to enhance security throughout the supply chain in accordance with C-TPAT guidelines.
  • Communicate C-TPAT guidelines to other companies in the supply chain and work toward building the guidelines into relationships with these companies.

Who is eligible for C-TPAT?

Customs plans to open enrollment to a broad spectrum of the trade community in the near future. C-TPAT membership will be made available to importers, carriers, brokers, warehouse operators, and manufacturers. Please refer to the Customs Web Site for the latest information on eligibility and application procedures.